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Barcode Labels

Barcodes are a system of  representing numbers using vertical lines and spaces by changing the height and thickness of the bars and distance between them. The vertical lines and spaces symbolize the numbers and   the barcode readers can translate these into numerical format using a computer programme . Products carry a barcode so that they can be easily identified.

The  purpose of using barcode labels: It is used for identifying the product by reading the barcode using a reader connected to a computer or POS terminal.  Stock records can be updated automatically whilst defining the price, producer, model, colour or size of the product. Items that can carry barcodes:  Hangtags, stickers, printed fabric labels.

Barcode Types: There are many barcode conventions which vary in size and structure according to their purpose. Barcodes also make it easier for the manufacturer to control processes from production to the final customer with using barcode information on the product (such as article number, model, colour and size) ensuring full and detailed traceability.