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Decal Stickers

Self Adhesive Labels: Theses types of labels are applied directly onto products. They can be either temporary or permanently adhesive.
Therefore the adhesive type should be chosen accordingly. For use on garments, the glue should be textile friendly in order to make the sticker easily removed leaving no glue stain on the garment . In some applications, it can be desired that the sticker should leave some marks after its removal. In that case, permanent stickers with very strong adhesive  should be preferred .

Self Adhesive Label Types:

a) Size Stickers: These are used for identifiying the size of the ready made garment  product.

b) Brand Stickers: These are applied to various places on the packaging of the product  and are generally permanent  and are used for promoting the brand. The stability of the material and the glue is  very important.

c) Information Sticker: They are used for all sorts of products to inform and warn the customers. Self Adhesive Material Types; Coated 2 side sticker, pulp board stickers, kraft Sstickers, opaque stickers and transparent stickers.  Sticker Production Techniques: Screen printing, flexo printing, rotary letterpress printing and  offset printing.

Cutting Types: Guillotine or die cutting.