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Metal Accessories

Metal buttons, rivets and accessories: Although they are used for  decorative reasons, their functional effect is  much more important consequently they are expected to be strong and long lasting. They are generally used  in attaching, buttoning or securing some stressed parts in  ready made garments. In addition to this, they provide a visual contribution.

1)Metal Buttons: They are generally used on denim or other similar fabrics  especially for shirts, shorts jackets and trousers. There are buttons in size of 24 mm, 22 mm, 20 mm, 17 mm, 14 mm, and
12,5 mm in various types such as fixed, flexible, double cap, with a hole, without a hole or raised . There are several coating types such as nickel, nickel free, antique oxide, copper oxide, and more.

2)Rivets: They are generally used on denim or other fabrics in order to reinforce the pocket edges or to embellish the garmen. There various types with raised centres, recessed centres and rivets with a cap.

3) Zamac Accesories: They are used for branding and for decorative reasons . They are produced  with metal injection moulding technique and can be coloured with a variety of painting and coating techniques.

4)Material Types: Brass, stainless steel, zamak, aluminium and copper.