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Print Shop Services

The Major Products;

1) Sock Riders; They are used to display a number socks together in one package and give information about them . There are many sock riders for one, two or more, such as 5, pairs together. 

2) Wrap Bands; They surround the package and provide information which can be seen without unfolding the product.

3) Packing Papers; They are used for packing the product and preventing it from being damaged.

4) Cardboard Boxes; They are used for packing all sorts of products and presenting them for delivery and sale.

5) Paper Bags; They are used for carrying the product after the purchase together with  advertising the brand.

6) Leaflets, Catalogues and Adverts; They are used for advertising and  introducing the company and its products .

7) Files; They are used for correspondance and documents inside and outside of company.

8 ) Business Cards; They are used for communication and introduction of people and their company.

9) Home Textile Packing Boxes; They are used for easier transport, stock and sale for home textile products which are generally big . There are all information on the box about the brand and the product.

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