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Printed Fabric Labels

These are  printed on different type of fabrics and are generally used inside garments  in order to  provide information about the product, manufacturer, importer, place of origin or notifying the consumer about  the legal warnings and instructions.

Printed  Fabric Label Types:

a) Brand label b) Care label c) Composition label d) Information label e) Barcode label f) Warning label

Printed Fabric Label Material Types: Polyester, nylon or cotton with woven or slit edges in taffeta, satin (single and double sided), and bonded taffeta.

Printing Techniques:

a) Rotary letterpress printing (direct and indirect)  b) Screen printing c) Thermal foil rinting

Printed Label Cutting and folding Types: Cold cut, hot cut or ultrasonic cut in single cut, endfold, loopfold and mitrefold