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Swing Tickets

Hangtags can printed using conventional or UV offset, conventional or UV screen printing or hot or cold foil blocking on paper, paperlike or plastic products.

They are used  mainly for brand communication  but also for giving information or maybe decorative purposes. In order to make the hangtags visually more elegant, some additional processes can be applied such as lamination, varnishing (UV or machine) or mounting (using two or more thicknesses of card). They are ready to use after cutting which can by achieved by laser, guillotine or die cutting. Hangtags are applied to garments using plain string, decorative string, ribbons or simply plastic tags.Hangtag Types; Pocket Tags: Used for brand communication on trouser type products. Size Tags: They are used for identifiying the size, height, colour or model numbers of the products.

Hangtags: They are used for providing information about price, barcode, warning, company information and care instructions and also for branding purposes.

Brand Tags: They are used for giving general and barcode information about the product and  are generally placed on upper garments. Home textile Tags: They are used for giving general  information about home textile products..