As Turkey and the world are passing through a difficult period, our health and safety are more
important than anything. As Simsek Ege we monitor this evolving situation very closely with the
related health officials.

In addition to our current health, environment and occupational safety policies;
We placed hand-sanitizers that are easily accessible to certain points of our company,
Frequently used places; door handles, vending machines, light buttons, elevators etc. are
disinfected 3-4 times a day with special disinfection liquids,
We published Covid-19 Guides in all information boards and visual communication devices in public
During the day we measure the body temperatures of our employees; and take necessary actions
whether it is home rest and/or self-quarantine.
Our company doctor routinely checks the health of each employee and takes appropriate measures
when possible,
The disinfection processes of all our factory and office floors once every 15-day period started last
We increased routine cleaning processes with additional special disinfectants for common areas
(dining hall, canteen, seating areas, sinks, etc.).

Considering the health of both our business partners and employees, we have made different
programs in our work schedules. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the
decisions we have taken within these programs.

With health-filled days.
Şimşek Ege Label